Ben is a filmmaker, producer, production assistant and film festival coordinator and has worked on a variety of promotional and musical shoots. In 2016 Ben founded Green Eden Films, a production company under which he produces his own films and collaborates with others to create various media projects.

You can find examples of Green Eden Films produced work, as well as examples of Ben's work on various promotional shoots as a production assistant, on the films page.

As a festival coordinator Ben co-founded Parallax Film Festival, which is currently preparing for its second festival in the autumn of 2017. He has also been a coordinator of Indie Lincs International Film Festival.

Ben has recently produced the short film Matched, starring Bhakser Patel (Emmerdale, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) and has also recently co-produced the short film What Did You Do in WW2 Grampa? in collaboration with GRHJ Media. Both films are running a festival circuit, and will be available online soon.

Currently Green Eden Films is in pre-production of several upcoming projects, whilst Ben works as the Film Project Coordinator for Lincolnshire One Venues and continues to work as a production assistant on various musical, narrative and promotional film shoots.